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property-club-workshop[1]If you’re looking to buy a property but unsure where to start or maybe you own an investment property but unsure how to scale up, the Property & Lifestyle workshop is for you.

Join in on the workshops we are holding all over Australia. You’ll find out;

  • Where is the best place to buy
  • When should I buy
  • What’s happening with interest rates
  • How much does it really cost to hold an investment property
  • And much MORE!

Have all of your questions answered by experienced Property experts.

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Choose from 11 Workshops around Australia

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Widely recognised as Australia’s most successful property investor, Kevin Young founded Property Club and the Young Investors Club with his wife Kathy over 22 years ago. Coupled with 50 years of experience in property investment, Kevin has bought and sold over 644 properties and now holds a portfolio approaching 200. In just over two decades his strategies have helped over 5000 investors become property millionaires.

These Property & Lifestyle Workshops are your chance to learn how Kevin Young has helped everyday Australian taxpayers invest wisely and avoid the traps that trip up “go it alone” investors.

He’ll share his secrets to successful property investing.

“While it is important to learn from your own mistakes, the biggest mistake of all is not learning from others who have made the mistakes already. Find a mentor who has already been down the path you want to go.”                                       

Kevin Young, Property Club Founder

National Property & Lifestyle Workshops

Sep – Oct, 2016


Limited Seats Available

Choose from 11 Workshops around Australia

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