As a member of the Young Investors Club, you will have access to:

  • Property investment information and strategies suitable for a younger investor to help you achieve your long term investment goals
  • Direction and mentoring from experienced investors who will guide you through the whole investment process
  • Networking and social opportunities to mix with like-minded investors
  • Exclusive invites to events
  • Special opportunities on properties
  • Automatic membership to Property Club and its comprehensive range of services.

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Property Club member benefits

At Property Club (PC), we have developed a comprehensive range of services which we have identified to streamline the investment process and make it secure as possible. These services have been put in place to assist our members overcome those hurdles that many investors who go it alone are faced with.

Researched investment properties

We specialise in recommending investment properties. We give you access to investment properties that are located Australia-wide so that you have the opportunity to diversify your portfolio. Each property on our stock list is accompanied by a property profile, which contains detailed information on its suitability as an investment property including an appraisal on the property, its location, growth potential and rental return.

Peace of mind services

RentSafe – if your PC property isn’t tenanted within 14 days of settlement, we will pay you half the rent on the property profile until your property is tenanted.

Travel and accommodation expenses reimbursement – Researcher or Property Guide can meet with you and take you on a personalised tour of a club recommended property. Should you go on to purchase that particular property and you have travelled interstate to inspect it, we will reimburse you up to $500 after settlement for your travel and accommodation expenses incurred as a result of inspecting that property.

Special clauses and conditions – Due to our power of numbers, we have the ability to negotiate on your behalf, for extra clauses and conditions to be included in your sale contract. These are included in the sale contract to protect your interests as the purchaser. For example, if the final valuation of the property is less than 95% of the contract price, the seller may terminate the contract or reduce the price.

Pre-settlement quality assurance inspection – this is provided on new PC properties by one of our trained inspectors. They will inspect your property for any defects and return this list to the builder to rectify before settlement.

Direct follow up and liaison with the builder/developer – this service is available should you experience construction and/or maintenance issues after settlement.

Help with finding quality tenants

Our Club National Leasing assists in the renting process and also has qualified people to offer advice on rental concerns. They multi-list all PC properties in Australia with at least five local agents to minimise vacancies and maximise your rental return. Which strategy do you think will get you a tenant faster and a higher rental return? One agent who knows they have your business? Or five top performing agents who are all competing for your business?

Free access to investment strategy software

Our Financial Independence Date Organiser (FIDO) software can be used to calculate your cash flow, determine your anticipated property growth, as well as work out when you can stop working and on how much income.

Our Cash Flow Analysis Program (CAP) software will help you work out the best way to set up your account to give maximum cash flow, as well as provide you with an indication of what your weekly holding costs for a particular property will be, before you buy.

Ongoing personal support and education

All members are assigned a Property Mentor and Branch Manager, who are experienced property investors able to share their knowledge on property investing. They can recommend a suitable investment property for you and will guide you through the whole investment process. We pride ourselves on providing a no pressure environment when it comes to purchasing. We also provide regular education and information on property investing through our bi-monthly PC Magazine, property investment workshops, seminars and conferences.

Exclusive discounts

Property Club members receive discounts on products and services through our corporate partners, from depreciation schedules through to insurance.

Expert help with finance

Access our network of accredited finance brokers known as Club Loans Mortgage Professionals, who will set you up with the appropriate finance structure for your investment goals. They also offer a no obligation review of your current lender to see if they can save you money on your loans.