investment-property-research Property Club specialises in recommending investment properties – these are properties that have been selected by our nationwide network of experienced property researchers and placed on our stock list according to their suitability as an investment property.

Our team of property researchers liaise and negotiate with developers and builders to ensure that Property Club secures thoroughly researched investment opportunities for members. Through their involvement in the property market, they are also able to source potential development sites, providing members with prime opportunities. One of our strengths is that we are able to volume sell, which means we are able to provide our members with excellent deals.

Through Property Club, we give you access to investment properties that are located Australia-wide so that you have the opportunity to diversify your portfolio and meet your investment needs.

Our strict property criteria

All properties are evaluated against Property Club’s strict property selection criteria before being listed on our stock list.

The principles that we observe when selecting properties to recommend include:

  • The property must be in an area of existing or potential high mid-to-long term capital growth
  • The property must be in an area of high population growth and high employment
  • The property must be close to schools, shops and transport etc
  • It should be new or renovated to allow maximum depreciation and therefore the biggest taxation savings
  • It must be high quality in terms of design, materials and construction, and require minimal maintenance,
  • The property must be in an area, which has a sound long term rental history.

Our stocklist is available exclusively to members. Members can access our stock list via logging into memberlink at

Property Profiles


Our focus is on recommending quality freehold residential properties throughout Australia that meet our strict investment criteria.

Each property recommended by the Property Club stock list is accompanied by a property profile. This property profile contains detailed information on its suitability as an investment property, which includes an appraisal of the property, its location, growth potential and rental return. The profile also includes information on fees per annum and their estimated date of completion. This information is compiled by our property researchers.

Our property profiles include a star panel report, compiled by a number of our Branch Managers and experienced Property Mentors who have personally assessed the properties suitability as an investment property. We reject a large portion of properties on the market, and if our Branch Managers or Property Mentors would not purchase the property, we don’t recommend it to you.

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