Change of Young Investors Club Presidency

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Louise Welling's is no longer the President of the YIC. Unfortunately Louise has a medical condition that has impacted on her full time employment with the Government and also impacts on Louise's ability to continue assisting members of the Young Investors Club (YIC). Louise's husband, Rob Wellings, has taken over as the President of the Young Investors Club and shall ...
On The Right Track

On The Right Track

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Young Investor AJ Jones tells us about her rocky start in property investment and how becoming a Young Investors Club member with Property Club got her back on the right track. What is something most people don’t know about you? I was an exchange student to the USA for 12 months after finishing high school. What is your best advice for …


Introductory Webinar and Property Selection

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Thinking about investing in Property? Why not join our webinar for Young Investors Club members. It is a way where you can interact with us online, ask us questions about anything and everything you want to know about property, in the comfort of your own home. The President of the Young Investors Club will be hosting the webinar. We will …


Introductory Webinar and Goal Setting

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With a focus on Goal Setting, we have guest speaker, Kirstyn Marriot joining us on our next Webinar. Kirstyn Marriot is the Mind Transformation Specialist. As an Author, Speaker and Energy Psychology Practitioner, Kirstyn is a master in seeing her clients manifesting meaningful changes in their lives – both personally and professionally. A dedicated and powerful woman, Kirstyn’s focus is …

Holding Properties with No Growth as a Young Investor

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In May this year, Kevin Young started a new video series called Ask Kevin Young. It is a great way for Property Club members as well as Young Investors Club members to find answers to their property investment questions. Take a look at the latest episode where Kevin is asked about how to deal with an investment property that is …

Future of Gold Coast by Daren Scott

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  [transcript]   The Commonwealth Games is won because a lot of infrastructure was already in place. A lot of the infrastructure already in place on the Gold Coast, including these two stadiums and a range of other pieces of infrastructure. The Lord Mayor also talked about cultural activities. As it turns out, the Gold Coast has learned from the …

Property Club Conference – Australian Economic Outlook – Part 7.

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Property Club is no. 1 wealth creator in Australia and New Zealand. They focus on helping their members with property investment. Video is from their 20th annual property club conference where Mark Bouris was presenting about Australian Economy. [transcript from video above] Let’s look at the various parts because there’s four parts to it to the sum, five components, but …

Wage Comparison with Kevin Young

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Back in 1984, I said to this woman ‘The property you’re buying now for about $18,000 in 20 years time is going to be worth 4 to 6 times more and that’s based on historical information. Okay, back to 1066, actually.’ She exploded and said, ‘Kevin Young, how can the average man possibly afford 6 times $18,000? $108,000?’ And I …

President of Young Investors Club – Louise Wellings

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Young Investors Club is branch of leading wealth creator in Australia, Property Club, founded by Kevin Young in 1994 with former name Investors Club. In this video you can see short introduction of Young Investors Club by national president Lou Wellings. Like Young Investors Club on Facebook.