Our Founder Kevin Young

Kevin Young Profile PhotoKevin Young is the founder of Property Club which was first established in 1994. Today, Property Club has grown nationally to be the leading wealth creation company in Australia.

Kevin Young has been in property investment for over 50 years. In this period of time, he has come to realize a ‘thing or two’ about investing, especially in property. Growing up, Kevin Young was not born into royalty, just your average boy without the expected luxuries. Much of his success has stemmed from his upbringing understanding the value of wealth and financial freedom. Today, Kevin Young is included in Queenslands Top 100 Rich List. He currently owns in excess of 200 properties throughout Australia.

Kevin Young is a big believer in practicing what he preaches. With a proven track record, his vision for Property Club was to assist the many who are looking to generate passive income, wealth and financial stability. His main objective is to assist Australia’s greying national to avoid a life of struggle and poverty through retirement. Kevin Young’s ideals revolve around giving back to this beautiful country, which gave so much to him, his family and current lifestyle.

Based in Queensland, Kevin and his wife Kathy are a prominent figure nationally. You will often see them giving back to the community through a variety of social, charitable and social contributions.  Kevin and Kathy are true role models for many Australians.

Secret to your success in property investment

“I made mistakes, but turning around and having another go. I bought and sold over six hundred times. When I first went into real estate I wasn’t a success. I was a failure in the first three months I think I only made three hundred dollars in commission. Because I was learning all the time. I was saving information up. Went on with that information to become the top salesman went out on my own, made mistakes again, but I turned around and popped back up again. Nothing, the successful people in life don’t expect to be right all the time. When I do make a mistake, you learn from that mistake and move on.”

What does the property club means to Kevin Young

“The Property Club’s my baby, of course, and we started out in kindergarten with it and now it’s advanced and we think it’s in university. What it really means is we’re changing people’s lives and when we set out we had to have an aim. So there were 90,000 millionaires in Australia at the time and we thought why not have that that aim?

We want 90,000 millionaires to be created, so it was a big aim and 20 years later we’ve grown it over 4,500. I guess I’m pretty proud of the fact that I helped create with the help of all the property mentors we had, and branches. Four and a half thousand people whose lives have been changed by a pension and depend on a pension, to living the dream.”