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Ahead Of The Crowd – With Selina Webb

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Young investor Selina Webb tells us how becoming a Property Club member has motivated her to start her investment journey at a time when many of her peers have faltered.

selena-webb-orthoptistHi! I’m Selina. I’m 27 years old and have been working as an orthoptist (similar to an optometrist) for six years.

I studied in Melbourne, moved to Brisbane but have been living in Sydney now for two years. My immediate family are spread out over Victoria, Adelaide, Singapore and London – you could say it gets a bit difficult meeting up over Christmas!

Since I’ve been in Sydney I have been renting a townhouse with two other girls. We were very lucky to find our place as it’s very cheap given how big it is, not to mention the fact that Sydney rents are so expensive.

I found out about Property Club through a friend at my old work in Brisbane. I had always wanted to get into property investment but I didn’t really know how to start looking for places let alone what I needed to do once I found something I wanted to buy.

“I had always wanted to get into property investment but I didn’t really know how to start looking for places.”Selina Webb

Being involved with the Club has been amazing as they have done so much research on the properties already. They also put me in contact with my property Mentor, who has been with me every step of the way.

selena-webbNot having had any exposure to property investment, I found it difficult figuring out all the steps that I had to take right up until settlement. I submitted an expression of interest. Now what? I have been conditionally approved for a loan! What’s that mean?

Obtaining my first property had its challenges, but the Club really supported me throughout the entire process. I managed to buy the property solo without the help of my parents as guarantors or with their financial support. It definitely wasn’t easy, and I had to get a smaller property because of it, but one small property is better than no property at all!

Currently, I am still sitting on my first property purchase, and I plan on letting it grow over the next few years while I save up to buy another one with the help of some of the equity.

selena-webb-1The best advice that I can give to someone who wants to get into property investment is to just do it! It took me four years of attending webinars/workshops and doing my own basic research before I finally got the courage to take a young investor leap of faith and just do it. I wouldn’t have been able to take that leap though if I didn’t have my boyfriend supporting me and giving me positive encouragement along the way. He also has property now but I was motivated by him to get in the market first and managed to beat him to it!

The reason I wanted to invest in property, and the reason why I want to continue, is to set myself and my family up for the future. I want to retire wealthy and I want to provide my future family with stability and give my children a chance to do the same.

Well done Selena! Thank you for sharing and good luck with your investing.

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